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Quicken ACM 2019

Quicken ACM 2019

Quicken ACM 2019

36 hours for set up, 720 CB5 tiles, a full DNB line array, countless speakers, custom stage setups, not to mention a unique scenic solution? No sweat. Premier has you covered.

With a goal of having a loose format and a desire to avoid looking over-rehearsed, Quicken and Premier worked together from the early planning stages to ensure their 2019 All Companies Meeting went off without a hitch. The large infrastructure required by the Little Caesars Arena, the need to accommodate the entertainment component of the event and the short setup time meant that the Premier team had to get creative getting everything built, in place and ready to go for showtime.

Come showtime, Premier was ready to go with a large-format, high-quality LED display, an integrated stage wrapped in LED tiles, turn-key support across all disciplines and a happy client.

What more could you ask for?

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