Flexible. Scalable. Trusted.


Premier has teamed up with our ETP family of brands to offer ETP Virtual Solutions, a variety of custom, scalable virtual solutions that can be executed remotely from your home, from a studio, or as a live event.


Our Ready-2-Go virtual studios feature preinstalled led, lighting, audio and video for your broadcast needs and are located in Orlando, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Jose, Nashville, Detroit, Washington DC, and London.


Host a Buzzworthy Event

Hive is Premier’s scalable, easily branded and comprehensive virtual event environment that makes it easy to create, market, and host a gathering that will have people buzzin’.

The Colossal Cube

xR Stage

Located in the LMG Las Vegas Studio, the Colossal Cube boasts a massive 50 ft. wide LED floor, 19 ft. high LED walls, and a 31 ft. stage depth. The stunning LED cube has over 21 million pixels and delivers an immersive environment on an unprecedented scale.